L-1 Lake District

9.1.  Purpose: The purpose of the L-1 District is to encourage the establishment and preservation of residential housing characterized by single family building on large sized lots. The L-1 District will include areas requiring larger lot size minimums which would preclude the economic provision of public sewer systems.

9.2  Permitted Uses:

1. One family dwellings, earth sheltered or underground dwellings, mobile homes in conformance with RSMo Chapter 700 (2000).
2. Any agricultural crops, including the raising and feeding of farm animals for personal use and consumption.
3. Essential services and utilities to serve the principal permitted use. See Section 3.17.

9.3 . Conditional Uses:

1. Public and semi-public uses including but not limited to the following: public and private schools, churches, parks, prison (public or private), recreation areas, hospitals, rest homes and homes for the aged, fire and police stations, and historic sites.
2. Camping or recreational vehicle subdivisions, campgrounds, cluster subdivision.

9.4  Prohibited Uses:

1. Landfills (hazardous or non-hazardous) and transfer stations.
2. Commercial scale animal confinements as defined by the Planning & Zoning Board.
3. Quarries, burrow pits, and large excavations.
4. Any use of mobile home except as a dwelling. Example: A mobile home may not be used as a storage facility.
5. Any use of (property described in 9.2.1) as a rental property with a rental period of less than 28 days

9.5.  Requirements: The following requirements shall be observed:

1. Minimum Lot Area: 5 acres
2. Minimum square footage of dwellings: 1400 square feet of living space.

9.6.  Sewer systems:

1. A qualified engineer must perform a Soil Morphology. A copy of said study must be provided to the zoning administrator before a building permit will be issued.
2. Sewer system must be constructed to the specifications of the Engineers Soil Morphology.
3. Only certified installers may install the Sewer System and the sewer system must be inspected by a certified sewer inspector. A copy of the inspection must be provided to the zoning administrator.

9.7  Foundations:

1. For all housing structures, foundations must have a minimum 36 inch frost footer and a minimum of a slab foundation.
2. All manufactured homes must have a poured concrete or concrete block skirting in addition to tie down and foundation requirements in RSMo700.
3. Any person camping in anyway on any lot, by tent, recreational camping vehicle, or fifth wheel camper shall neither remain on a lot nor leave, park or store said tent, recreational vehicle or fifth wheel camper on a lot more than 29 days in a row.
4. Minimum Lot Frontage: The minimum lot frontage shall be two hundred (200) feet.
5. Maximum Percentage of Building Coverage: The maximum percentage of building coverage shall be 15%.
6. Yard Setbacks: Rear and side yards shall be:    Rear yard – 100 feet    Side yard – 50 feet
7. Setback requirements from highways and roads subject to Section IV, Section 4.9.
8. Maximum Building Height: Two and one half stories or thirty (30) feet in height.
9. Signs subject to Section XV.