I-1 Industrial District

12.1.  Purpose: It is the purpose of the I-1 District to create industrial acres that will be acceptable within the County and compliment rather that adversely affect adjacent business or residential establishments which are either: (a) ones whose operations are relatively free from objectionable influences, or (b) ones whose objectionable features will be obviated by design and/or appropriate devices.

12.2.  Permitted Uses:

1. Manufacturing. Any manufacturing use or process including assembling, fabricating, altering, converting, finishing, processing, treating and packaging.
2. Warehousing, storage and wholesaling. The storage, handling, assembly and distribution of goods and materials for retail, wholesale or on-site use, except any combustible materials and/or flammable liquids.
3. Essential services and utilities to serve the principal permitted use. See Section 3.17.
4. Customary accessory uses provided such uses are clearly incidental to the principal permit use.

12.3.  Conditional Uses:

1. Cement, lime, gypsum or plaster of paris manufacture.
2. Gas and petroleum manufacture.
3. Chemical manufacture.
4. Fertilizer manufacture.
5. Explosives manufacture or storage.
6. Junk or salvage yards.
7. Sanitary landfills and transfer stations.
8. Stockyards and the slaughter of animals.
9. Any other use which, in the opinion of the Planning Board is of similar character to those herein before described.

12.4.  Prohibited Uses:

1. Any use of mobile home except as a dwelling. Example: A mobile home may not be used as a
storage facility.

12.5.  Requirements: The following requirements shall be observed:

1. Minimum Lot Area: 2 acres
2. Minimum Lot Frontage: The minimum lot frontage at the building line shall be two hundred (200) feet.
3. Maximum Percentage of Building Coverage: 50%.
4. Yard Setbacks: Rear and side yard setbacks shall be:

1 to 2 1/2 story or 40 feet 10 feet 12 feet each side 25 feet
3 stories or 50 feet 15 feet 17 feet each side 30 feet
4 stories or 60 feet 20 feet 22 feet each side 35 feet
5 stories or 70 feet 25 feet 27 feet each side 40 feet

5. Setback requirements from highways and roads subject to Section IV, Section 4.9.
6. Maximum Building Height: No principal structure shall exceed five (5) stories or seventy (70) feet in height