C-1 Highway and Convenience Commercial District

11.1.  Purpose: This district shall provide for the orderly and attractive clustering, at appropriate locations, of retail stores, shops, services, offices and similar commercial establishments which serve both the traveling public and nearby residential areas.

11.2.  Permitted Uses: Facilities such as, but not limited to the following:

1. Retail stores and shops offering convenience goods and services.
2. Business and professional offices and studios
3. Banks and savings and loan offices.
4. Commercial entertainment facilities.
5. Laundromats.
6. Public and semi-public buildings and institutions, but not including prisons or facilities for the incarceration of criminals.
7. Medical and dental clinics.
8. Auto service stations and maintenance facilities.
9. Motels, hotel, A bed & breakfast facilities, and rooming and boarding houses.
10. Essential services and utilities to serve the principal permitted use. See Section 3.17.
11. Customary accessory uses provided such uses are clearly incidental to the principal permitted use.
12. Storage facilities, private warehouses and public warehouses.
13. Adult businesses and adult uses.

11.3.  Conditional Uses:

1. Public and semi-public uses including but not limited to the following: public and private schools, churches, parks and recreation areas, hospitals, rest homes and homes for the elderly, fire and police stations, public governmental offices including maintenance, repair and storage buildings.
2. New and used vehicular and equipment sales establishments.
3. Wholesaling establishments.
4. Transportation terminals.
5. Farm implement sales firms.
6. Outdoor theaters.
7. Miniature golf, go-karts, and amusement parks.
8. Drive-in establishment offering in-car service to customers.
9. Animal hospitals and veterinary clinics.
10. Prisons (public or private).

11.4.  Prohibited Uses:

1. Any use of mobile home except as a dwelling. Example: A mobile home may not be used as a
storage facility.

11.5.  Requirements: The following requirements shall be observed:

1. Minimum Lot Area: 1 acre
2. Minimum Lot Frontage: The minimum lot frontage at the building line shall be two hundred (200) feet.
3. Maximum Percentage of Building Coverage: 50%
4. Yard Setbacks:    Rear yard setback – 35 feet    Side yard setback – 10 feet
5. Setback requirements from highways and roads subject to Section IV, Section 4.9.
6. Maximum Building Height: No principal structure shall exceed three (3) stories or thirty five (35) feet in height.
7. Signs subject to Section XV.