Bids and Job Openings


Bid Qualifications: All bids and auctions will be advertised in the local newspaper two weeks prior to the bid opening date. Bidders must provide all contact information (Company or Individual name, point of contact, phone number, fax number if applicable, and email address if applicable) to the Caldwell County Clerk’s Office. You may submit bids in person or mail them to P.O. Box 67, Kingston, MO 6450. The Caldwell County Commission reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids. 



  • The Caldwell County Detention Center is seeking Corrections Officers. This is a full time job working 15 days per month while earning sick and vacation time, and 13 holidays per year. For more information, please contact the Caldwell County Detention Center at 816-586-5245.
  • Caldwell County is accepting applications for a Victim’s Advocate position. This position requires computer skills, people skills, knowledge of the legal system, a willingness to learn and assist victims of Crime. This position is for full time employment, and does require the Advocate to be on call to provide services to Victims during off hours. The Victim’s Advocate will assist victims throughout the court process in criminal cases, as well as assist with Orders of Protection. This position will open in September of 2017. Please send resumes to by August 15.